The Top 10 Questions Customers are asking You in Social Media

The Top 10 Questions Customers are asking You in Social Media

Jul 09

As more and more companies use social media as a bridge to engage with their customers, author and marketing expert Brian Solis posted the top ten questions customers are asking brands and companies in social media. As an ambassador for your brand, keep these questions in mind in order to create trust and long lasting relationships with our customers.

1. Why should I follow you on Facebook?

2. Why should I follow you on Twitter?

3. Why should I value the experience? What should I take away?

4. Why would I want to stay connected over time?

5. Why would I choose to engage with your updates in my social media stream over those of my real friends?

6. Why would I tell everyone I should follow you?

7. Why would I share your content with my audience with peers?

8. Why would I decide to invest my time and express my loyalty in your network and not mine?

9. Why should I care if you don’t care about my needs, experiences, or questions?

10. Why should I come back?

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